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Captains & Cowboys is a boutique digital agency founded in 2020.

We believe that trust and attention are the most valuable resources in this hyper-connected, omni-channel, device-oriented, ad-saturated world. 
We keep people the central focus of our digital experiences and marketing campaigns. This enables us to inspire, educate, and empower consumers – we help create a buyer’s journey. Our research and strategy teams develop deep, authentic understandings of consumer behavior to earn a place in their hearts and minds. Creative and copy teams use these insights to help brands tell great stories.
Captains and Cowboys marketing teams build campaigns that do more than drive awareness. They change consumer behavior. We help our clients connect culture with commerce.
A Creative Studio For
New Generations…
In A Unpredictable World

Yesterday’s solutions to tomorrow’s problems are no longer sufficient. Captains & Cowboys was built from the ground up to understand what’s next for businesses. We do this by making sense of how the greatest technological and societal shifts of our time will shape the way we live.

The Consumer Is The Medium

To effectively express a brand, we must cut through the noise of today’s digital environment. We look at the world through your customers eyes. We immerse ourselves in their lives to uncover their deepest motivations and needs. Starting the creative process here shapes strategies with the power to radically shift behavior. 

Insight-Led Creativity

Creative agencies don’t specialize in research and data. Researchers don’t specialize in creativity. Our strategies offer the missing link between deep industry insights and creative executions that get results. Through deep behavioral observation and proprietary tools, our strategists are able to truly connect brands with consumers at the moments that matter most to them. We help reveal new opportunities for brand action and growth.

Cultural Intelligence

We believe that cultural relevance is the most important driver of business in today’s economy. We help brands synchronize with culture using 24/7 intelligence to identify Internet trends, territories and creative opportunities. Our data driven newsroom approach allows us to draw upon hundreds of data sources in real-time. This helps radically improve the speed and relevance of creative ideas. We are cultural analysts. At our very core is a dedicated understanding of consumers’ desires, cultural drivers, and our clients business needs.

Content Strategy

Our content strategies are rooted in the art of storytelling and anchored by data. We help our clients create a dynamic social presence with strategies that are designed to fuel engagement. This builds a community of loyal followers, and increases share of voice. Because change is the only constant, we pride ourselves in having a deep understanding of the ever-shifting technology, tools, and platforms that power social and content marketing. Most importantly, we know that one size doesn’t fit all and the key to success is forming personalized, authentic, and ongoing connections. 


Our creative team brings intelligence, curiosity, and discipline to the art of marketing & design so that we can deliver creative that performs. Creative is our vocation, our code. Video, design, and storytelling our medium.

Analytics and research are seamlessly integrated into our design process to produce the most effective, elegant and engaging work – while ensuring the brand voice stays authentic and consistent.

We specialize in delivering disruptive, beautiful, and simple branding and design that spans from packaging and print to digital and press.

In the digital age, brands are becoming publishers. In collaboration with content strategists and social media strategists, we help our clients engage their users by producing relevant and timely content initiatives, from strategy through execution.

Creative Services: Thinking, Idea Generation, Brand & Identity Design, Copywriting, Editorial Services, Video & Imagery Production, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Print Design, And More. 


Data-driven, action-oriented strategies that generate results. Our studio was built digitally from the ground up, with data analytics at its core. We use a range of tools to capture data, but our sharpest tools come from the minds of our brilliant analysts. We are laser-focused on uncovering insights that inform decision making, substantiate intuition, and validate assumptions. 

We conduct background research, monitor campaign performance updates and test results, and provide cohort analysis. We are highly sensitive to investing our client’s time and money only in areas that return significant (measurable) value to the company. We also provide in-depth regular reporting of key performance metrics and critical business initiatives. 

We have experience with a host of analytic tools and database engines. We also strongly emphasize clear information design and storytelling. 

Research & Analytic Services: Data Strategy, Website Analytics, Application Analytics, UX And Funnel Analysis, Social Segmentation, Social Platform And Landscape Audit, Content Engagement, Real Time Social Analysis, Goal Setting & Benchmarking, Measurement Planning, Campaign Analytics, SEO Keyword Analytics, Customer Segmentation & Profiling, Customer Lifetime Value Analysis, Survey Design, Analysis Data Visualization Infographics, And More.


We take the mystery out of social media for brands by focusing our energies on the intersection of consumer behaviors and emerging platforms. We breathe the technology that enables social media and constantly build useful things with it. We understand what drives people to talk about a brand and capture attention with programs worth sharing. What we don’t do is post content because everyone else is doing it. Every piece of content we design is to serve a purpose whether entertaining, educational, inspirational or informative.

We produce platform specific strategies, management, and content including editorial, video, and imagery. Discovery is constant, desire is instant, and content doesn’t just inspire, it sells. We help brands to connect content to commerce across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Social Media Services: Survey Development & Analysis, Focus Groups, Competitive Analysis, Social Presence Audit, Content Strategy, Channel Strategy, Brand Voice Guides, Visual Design Style Guides, Integrated Social Media Campaigns, Editorial Calendars, Goal Setting, Success Metrics And KPIS, Strategic Ideas, Planning & Presentation, Paid Social Content Creation, Editorial Strategy, Illustration & Photography, Motion Graphics, Social Copywriting, Copy Editing, Content Design, Video Production Management And Testing, Community Management, Social Analytics Listening, And More.


Simply put, we’re a digital agency. But, we are also here to help our client’s tackle their toughest business problems, not just their digital challenges. Too often, brands enter a campaign without truly defining what success looks like to them and haven’t a clear path to that goal.

We collectively help evolve and rethink success by first defining where your industry is headed. We immerse ourselves in the lives of your brand’s target customers, uncovering their motivations and needs. This is where our creative process starts. We allow the creative process to discover what tools we will use to get us to our goals. We’ll analyze your market, your audience, and your business so we can shape strategies keeping your motivations in mind.

Strategy Services: Campaign Strategy, Content Strategy, Brand & Identity Planning, Communications Planning, Customer Research, Focus Groups, Customer Journey Development, Competitive Audit, And More. 


With more advanced devices exploding into the marketplace every day, it’s critical that we use a responsive development approach to create a great experience on each and every device. So we test exhaustively to ensure pixel perfection.

We maintain a strong team effort throughout the lifecycle of a project. From UX and Design inception to Development and QA delivery, the fundamental collaboration between our teams is key to bringing ambitious project goals to life without ever sacrificing quality and scope. 

Technology Services: Responsive Development, Front-End Engineering, Native Application Development, Technical Consulting, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, API Integration, Rapid Prototyping, Quality Testing, E-Commerce, Content Management Systems, And More. 

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A Creative Studio For Brands And Makers

We know that one size doesn’t fit all and the key to success is forming personalized, authentic, and ongoing experiences.

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