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Brand Storytelling: Why Words Matter

Why Words Matter As Much As Design

As important as a captivating design is to your content marketing, stories (and the words that tell them) are what make people decide if they like you, if you understand their needs, and if they want to do business with you. Brand storytelling can’t be done with visuals alone. 

While great design might lure someone in, it’s not enough to sustain a real relationship. People communicate through conversation, and that words are essential to that dialogue.

Words are powerful. Words spark emotion and guide people into a different mindset. They forge an emotional connection between the experience of one person and another. Words make the web work. We live in a time when most people instantly search online before making a purchasing decision. When you want to find information on something what do you do? You search online, sometimes over and over again, until you have a good idea about what you want and who you want it from.

So many companies focus on the visual side of their story and neglect the importance of the words. They put all their efforts into the look and design of a website without carving out a carefully crafted message that speaks to their audience. We often talk with clients who “want a new website,” but haven’t given any thought to what it will say or who they are saying it to. They’re neglecting brand storytelling. Businesses often work with web developers to create a new site, but lack of content holds up the entire process. 

We’ve seen that many companies often don’t understand their story or how it can be told to clients & prospects.  If you’re selling a traditionally “boring” product or service, words can actually paint an exciting and interesting picture of your business and products. Words and visuals must work as a cohesive and complete team to paint the full picture of a brand story. Your package design, website, blog theme, catalogue, or brochure might be drop-dead gorgeous, but if the words in it aren’t compelling, no one will keep reading. When the design is interesting, all of your words create a more powerful experience. On the flip side, if the designs are bad, your brilliant word will go unread and your story untold. 

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