Do you dare to be different?

A perfect reflection of your brand, a bespoke Shopify design created by Captains & Cowboys will combine your vision and aesthetic while encouraging online conversion. 

Your eCommerce platform is your online home, your base, and the hub of all your business. Would you decorate your brick-and-mortar store exactly the same as the one down the street? The truth is when you use an out-of-the box Shopify theme, the likelihood of someone having an incredibly similar website is pretty high. However, if your theme is designed specifically for your brand and the practicality of your industry, your eCommerce platform will stand out to all those who come along to see it.

  • Capture The Imagination Of Your Visitors

    As the eCommerce space continues to grow and saturate, it has never been more important to capture the imagination of your website visitors through superior Shopify web design. Captains & Cowboys pushes the boundaries of creativity to produce both immersive and strategic eCommerce websites focused on improving brand memorability while maximizing sales. Before we begin our process, we immerse ourselves in your brand identity and creative assets to gain a thorough understanding of you and your competitors. Alongside strategic wire-framing and outstanding visual graphic design, Captains & Cowboys creates user journeys and design that really stands out from the competition.
    We Push The Boundaries to make your website stand out from the competition

Accelerating business growth 

Through data-backed UX design & Shopify Plus ecommerce

Captains & Cowboys realizes that design has never been more important to differentiate your eCommerce business from the competition, our Shopify designers help capture the imagination of your visitors to keep them coming back. We focus on visuals and clear journeys to conversion - minimizing the number of clicks to checkout.

The sky is the limit, we don't use pre-built themes for our bespoke websites and design each page from the ground up. Although we can work with you to tweak existing themes, bespoke development allows us to design every page experience without being restricted to what has already been built on Shopify.

Captains & Cowboys views design as a journey. We consider user interaction at every level of a page to maximize engagement while establishing long-term analyses of visitor behavior to optimize and develop for the future.

Captains & Cowboys is experienced with Shopify Plus and checkout scripts which allows us to deliver a bespoke and tailored checkout and cart experience for your customers. For some businesses, the standard checkout flow is not enough and further cart or checkout development is needed to maximize conversions. We also have the capabilities to craft highly bespoke discounts such as tiered, free products and milestone offers.

Captains & Cowboys understands every business is different and each has it's own requirements. Our team works with our brands to integrate the most advanced technology and features while ensuring a great user journey and branded experiences.

Captains & Cowboys' in-house team of Shopify designers carefully plan out every page of a website's sitemap. This ensures we are creating diverse and engaging content throughout every page, prompting visitors to explore more and purchase more.

Your brand is your lifeblood and it's important to immerse your customers in your website at every level. Captains & Cowboys believes every element of a user interface is an opportunity to deliver a branded experience - from the shape of your buttons to the positioning of your products. Our team ingrains brand guidelines, visuals, and soul into every element of your website.

Before we begin any project, Captains & Cowboys conducts in-depth and insightful discovery and research to truly understand your business. Not only do we delve into your personal tastes, but we consider what the competition is doing from a design standpoint.

There are hundreds of device types and browsers that your customers may use to visit your eCommerce store, it can be a challenge to ensure your website appears the same across them all. Captains & Cowboys not only uses the best code practices, but we also run a rigorous testing process on every store we build using a number of tools to ensure technical reliability. Additionally, we audit our builds using various speed testing tools to maximize load times and identify poor performance.

We will be with you at every stage of your store's lifecycle.

Captains & Cowboys offers end-to-end ecommerce services - guiding your brand from roadmap to rising revenue.