Strategy that works

Planning for success

Ecommerce audits

Captains & Cowboys realizes that ecommerce is no longer just about your website. It crosses platforms, borders, and niches. Today's brands are looking for rapid expansion and growth while maintaining remarkable customer service, but in order to achieve this sustainably requires expertise across the whole ecommerce ecosystem.

In an age where all online businesses are competing with Amazon, you have to become more sophisticated in every aspect of your business and invest in strategy and planning.

  • Discovery

    Captains & Cowboys has developed a process that allows us to objectively audit every aspect of your Shopify platform and deliver actionable insights designed to help you create growth across your entire business.
  • Technology

    We will review your full technical setup and make key recommendations for improvement based on internal business processes and your overarching business goals. Captains & Cowboys can we help you streamline internal processes and save you money.
  • Experience

    With a core focus on UX, our creative team will take all of the data collected from our audit and review your Shopify site page by page to find any pain points your customers might be experiencing. Through a mixture of best practice recommendations and data-led decisions, we can help you improve the overall customer experience.

Immersed in ecommerce

The output of this audit is two-fold. An in-depth document detailing all of our findings and recommendations as well as a presentation of key elements and immediate required actions. By immersing ourselves in your business, we not only understand the tangible elements, but the intangible both of which are equally important.