We believe that the design of a website is the most important factor when converting visitors into customers.

There are thousands of themes available for you to choose from as a starting point for your website. The Captains & Cowboys web design team will work with you to select a suitable option, and tailor your theme so it perfectly represents your brand.

  • Bringing your design to life

    Designing your new Shopify store is just one part the journey. Captains & Cowboys works closely with your team to create a design that reflects your brand whilst encompassing best practices to ensure ease of use. As an agency with multiple resources and specialists, we can draw on the team to ensure that your website not only looks and feels right for your brand right now, but is adaptable and has the right foundation to ensure it will convert for years to come.
  • How long is the Shopify design process?

    As Captains & Cowboys works with you to design and deliver your website, timescales are based upon individual needs as a business. Our onboarding team can help talk you through the process and deliver an accurate timescale based on your project and goals.
  • Bespoke User Journey

    On average a consumer will decide whether to continue browsing an ecommerce store within 8 seconds. Captains & Cowboys map all the possible user journeys a website visitor might take. Our Shopify developers craft bespoke and custom user experiences to match and meet the requirements of your business. We follow data-led practices that maximize sales.

Engagement on the mind

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